Home Security

Your home’s security is vital in keeping your family and your belongings safe. The average burglary is worth an estimated $2,116 in stolen items and damage. A home without a security system is 75% more likely to be burglarized. The average amount of time it takes a burglar to gain entrance to a home is 57 seconds. A security system will go a long way to deterring the burglar from entering in the first place.

By wiring your windows, and exterior doors with sensors, you can prevent a burglar from entering your home unaware. 86% of burglaries occur when the owners are home. A home security system will notify you and the police that someone has broken in.

Investing in home security can save you up to 20% on your home insurance. It is a small cost that can bring peace of mind, potential savings, and safety to you and your family.

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