Data & Network Wiring

It has become very common and is recommended to wire your home with networking outlets. These outlets allow you to connect to the internet from a given room. While WI-FI wireless is generally used, it may limited to certain areas of the home. By installing network cable through your home, you have the flexibility of easily expanding your wireless network, increasing your transfer speeds and reliability of access.

Adding networking to your home can increase it value and make it easier to sell. This is an expensive proposition after construction. A new era of smart home appliances called The Internet of Things is becoming prevalent. This means your appliances can be hooked into your network allowing them access to the internet, thereby allowing you to receive notifications, and manage them remotely.

Ideally network cable is installed when phone lines are run through your home. This is done during the framing stage of your construction. When the electrician is ready to wire your home, is when you should have Valuguard install your network.

Networking is ideal for future-proofing your home.